Ker Mor Pet Grooming will be closing our doors permanently at the end of August. 
This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make. This business was started in the 1960's, and I can't imagine how many dogs have passed through these doors. There is one family with three human generations (father, daughter and now granddaughter!!) who are all bringing their dogs to Ker Mor for grooming. And one customer whose records with us go back to 1972. From the dogs who come every week, to the dogs (and cats!) that come once a year, every day here has been an adventure, filled with wet noses, wagging tails and love. 
I am both honored and humbled to have so many wonderful and amazing clients, both human and canine,  and I will miss coming to work here every morning. But, like every other small business, Ker Mor is currently plagued with staff shortages and supply cost increases. Ker Mor has survived many employee and fiscal crises in the past, but there comes a point when all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that time is August 31, 2021.
Thank you for your support of Ker Mor Pet Grooming over the years! If you have medicated shampoo that you need to pick up, or if you would like a printout of the grooming style I use on your pup, please send an email or text in the next couple of weeks. 

Kim Johnson, Owner, Ker Mor Pet Grooming

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Please Note: Closing times may vary. Animals can't tell time, and we want everyone to leave looking beautiful!




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